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Världen är inte alltid så stor

Ibland känns världens stora händelser så extremt avlägsna. Jag kan sitta och titta på TV, se stora katastrofer och inget berör mig. Dock så skakade Tsunamin i Thailand hela vårt land eftersom det var så många svenskar drabbade. Jag fick i veckan ett brev ifrån ledaren för Scripture union i Afrika som hade varit i kontakt med sin kollega i Elfensbenskusten. Plötsligt kröp det då lite närmare. Vi har syskon i hela världen. Katastrofen i Japan, oron i Nordafrika och här nedan inbördeskriget i Elfenbenskusten drabbar vår kropp. Läs hans rapport nedan och var med och be för kristi kropp runt omkring på jorden. (endast på engelska dock)

Dear All, I write to urge you to continue praying for Cote D’Ivoire. I have just talked on the phone with our brother, Bertin Awomon, the SU National Director. The last one week has been particularly very difficult for the country and especially for those who live in  the city of Abidjan. There has been very heavy fighting  between forces loyal to Alassane Outatara and Laurent Gbagbo and so the people have been indoors throughout. He told me that women are able to occasionally go out to buy some food but that it is very dangerous for men to venture out because men are being forced to join the fighting groups. The food in their home can last his family the next three to four days from now. It is certainly more difficulty for others who had no food stock in their homes. 

Bertin is in touch through the phone with other staff and volunteers including SU committee members. So far all those that he has contacted are safe in their homes. However, Jules Balle was attacked last week and his car stolen from him. He also lost other personal items including mobile handsets. Fortunately he has a phone at home and so Bertin is in touch with him and his family. The family too is safe now but please pray for Mrs. Balle who has been unwell. 

Bertin’s home is only 1 KM away from Gbagbo’s  residence and only 0.5 Km away from the national TV station. The SU offices are also in the same vicinity. The area has experienced the heaviest fighting during the week and Bertin is asking for prayers for the family, SU members, peace for the country and the protection of the SU Offices in the midst of vast destruction which is going on in the city. Please do continue praying for Cote D’Ivoire and especially for our brothers and sisters in that country. Your brother in Christ,



Rev. David Gichung'wa,

Africa Regional Director,Scripture Union Africa Region

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